Liberi ~ connecting for demand and supply

Liberi Life Science Consultancy is an international, Netherlands-based consultancy providing solutions to your needs in the management of Company representations in Europe licensing-in, co-marketing, co-promotion licensing-out (products and services), contract manufacturing and joint-ventures. Liberi Life Science Consultancy will work with you to improve both value delivery from these relationships and the satisfaction you enjoy from participating in them.

Our core business

  • Business Development Support
    • For universities, CRO's, biotech companies and pharma companies
    • Strategic and operational business plans, marketing plans, business development on a global level
  • BioTech Financing
    Organizing financial support for early stage but also phase I and phase II biotech companies through an international network of angels, PE parties and midsize and large pharma companies, effected by equity stakes, loans, licensing and/or co-development
  • Set up and managing (hybrid) spin offs
    The creation of hybrid companies with universities based on their diamond projects, and with very limited resources, bringing their products to market

About us

Libery Life Science Consultancy was founded by Frans Trouwen who used to work as the CEO of Valletta Health Holding B.V. (a subsidiary of the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam) and the CEO of Medical Accel Group, also based in Amsterdam. Frans Trouwen works in the Life Science Industry since 2002. Read more...