Project Examples

  • Negotiating on behalf of Chinese Pharma with European pharma (Terms and termsheet for licensing)
  • Finding marketed products for Chinese pharma in Europe and Latina
  • Finding marketed products for Japanese pharma in Europe and Latina
  • Setting up European tour in search of phase III partners for US biotech in development of hGH
  • Finding partners for marketed product in orthopedics in Asia, Europe and Middle-East
  • Search for marketed products in Europe and Latina for US/Canadian pharma company
  • Several US and Europe biotech connected to Asian pharma (some still ongoing)
  • Probiotic company from Latin America connected to Chinese pharma
  • Algae/Omega-3 company connected to China pharma
  • Probiotic products from Latin America to Chinese market
  • And many many moreā€¦..