Pieter Spee joins Liberi Group Rare Diseases team

July 1st , 2020, The Netherlands, Denmark.
Liberi Group is answering to the growing demand for projects in the rare diseases area by building a unique database of rare disease drug development projects, including compounds, diseases and contact details. The Liberi Rare Diseases Database will be the most comprehensive database available to date, and will allow Liberi Group to offer to companies a fast access to an extensive listing of rare disease projects and companies as part of business development activities.

As part of our focused efforts, Liberi Group proudly announces today, the strengthening of its expertise in rare diseases with Dr Pieter Spee. Pieter Spee, founder of PS! Pharmaconsult, will support Liberi Group in all activities with regard to its Rare Diseases business.

Pieter Spee brings on board a unique expertise in drug development R&D from more than 20 years in Life Science industry. Through the years, Pieter has held senior management positions in both pharma industry and small biotech. Pieter Spee is an expert in immunology, cancer and chronic inflammation. Notable positions include Senior Director, founder and head of translational research at Novo Nordisk, Chief Technology Officer at FibroTx and Chief Scientific Officer at TikoMed. 

During his career in the Pharma and Rare Diseases, Pieter Spee has generated outstanding results combining his ‘get the job done’ attitude with his deep scientific expertise and his unique management and business skills. Pieter Spee has pushed projects in drug development and diagnostics and negotiated transactions in cross cultural environments all across the northern hemisphere to the successful grow of business. Pieter Spee holds an M.Sc degree in Medical Biology from the Free University in Amsterdam (NL) and a PhD in Immunology for Leiden University (NL).

We are proud to welcome Pieter Spee in our team!

Frans Trouwen, CEO
Liberi Group

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