Liberi Group

A succesful mediating party in the heart of
Life Sciences and Biotech

Liberi Group

A succesful mediating party in the realm of Life Sciences and Biotech

  • Liberi is specialized in connecting organizations and making deals
  • Cross-border partnering between universities, biotech’s, pharma companies, food/feed companies, distributors and or investors
  • Existing clients work with Liberi for the quality of the personal network, in Europe, US, Greater Asia, South America, Middle-East, Turkey and Russia
  • Both Human Health and VET
  • Also focus on Food, Nutrition, Agri and API

Liberi Group

Liberi Group establishes financial, strategic and scientific collaborations, based on varying levels of involvement, depending on the needs of participating parties, such as:

  • Financials
  • Strategic partners (Pharma)
  • Our clients (innovating organizations in the Life Sciences)

Why do companies assign us?

  • Small and very dedicated team
  • 17 years of experience in partnering / investment search / deal-making / M&A
  • Acting as a virtual part of your company
  • Only 10 to 15 new projects on a yearly basis
  • Experience as CEO of a Biotech company (10 years from pre-clinical study till Phase II)
  • Strong personal network in all therapeutic areas for Investment, Pharma, VET, Biotech, Food, Feed, Nutrition, Personal Care and Distribution
  • Liberi Group acts in the triangle between Asia – US and EU


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