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Liberi Group connects companies, prepares and supports for deals. Our network is such that we do not need a face-to-face conferences to connect with companies (Investors/Strategics/distributors). More than 30% of our clients originate from the U.S. 40% of our clients come from Europe. An increasing number of our clients is being served from and towards Asia by us (30%). We basically operate in the triangle between EU-US and Asia. 

Over the last few years we have realized similar successes in finding the appropriate (strategic investment) partners for biotech companies and or Pharma. In co-development and licensing (in and out) with strategic market parties, or just through direct investments. From pre-clinical to Phase III and marketed. 50% of our clients are pre-clinical stage. Most of these costs are covered by success fee. We do not charge monthly consulting retainers, just a one-time only upfront. From Europe, we are specialized in connecting to and from US and Asia (China/Korea/Japan), Russia and Turkey, as well the Middle East and Latin America. From Asia, we typically bridge for partnering and investment to the US and Europe.

Frans Trouwen

  • Experienced serial entrepeneur
  • Economic background (for details see LinkedIn profile)
  • 10 years as the Managing Director (and owner) of a consulting firm (120 staff)
  • 10 years as the CEO of a biotech company (from pre-clinical study till Phase IIb)
  • Independent Strategic and Business Development Consultant, Project Manager and Interim CEO (incl. M&A)

Diana van Oosten
Frans Trouwen operates his organization together with Diana van Oosten, his long-time collaborator, legal counsel and colleague.

The Network

The Liberi Group has amassed thousands of contacts in the Life Sciences Industry. This has rendered our services extremely versatile, and has opened up a plethora of possible collaborations for our clients.

The Network is constantly growing in all area’s.

The Team

  • Frans Trouwen – Founder, CEO
  • Diana van Oosten – CFO
  • Thomas Trouwen – Manager Corporate Finance
  • Daniël Trouwen – Financial & Strategic Advisor
  • Simon Dabekaussen – Corporate Development Manager
  • Jan Roovers – Corporate Client Manager
  • Marjolein Visser – Corporate Client Manager & Strategic Marketing Advisor
  • Jeroen Braspenning – Corporate Client Manager
  • Tim Chang – Corporate Client Manager
  • Laurens Gerholt – Corporate Client Manager & Legal Advisor

Consultancy/Business Development

  • International strategy consultancy and business development support, Project- and Interim Management to Biotech and Pharma, Food and Feed, M&A and setting up EU-HQ for ex EU companies.
    Monthly retainer.

Partner search

  • Success-fee based on success in the Life Sciences, Food or Feed field
  • Always combined with a (one time only) fixed retainer upfront, no monthly consulting retainers.

Start-up management

  • Setting up companies in specific markets, creating value and selling them after some time.
  • Tailored business model

Business Model

Liberi Group can help you set up a succesful business venture, deploying one the following levels of involvement:

  • Consultancy / business development
  • Success fee
  • Creating value by building companies

Partnering and Investment Activities

Liberi's approach for biotech customers

Establishing a collaboration for biotech customers with a partner (financial, strategic) usually requires a number of steps to be taken in due order.

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