In-licensing project

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This business case will elaborate on a project that Liberi has conducted for a client (company A) on discovering appealing in-licensing opportunities for our client. For one of the introduced opportunities, there was no further interest from company A to enter into a collaboration while discussing a draft term sheet. Having that said, the company who owned the assets (company B) was very pleased on working with Liberi on this project and requested to collaborate with Liberi Group to out-license the appealing asset. This demonstrates how Liberi Group likes to create warm connections with both its clients and networking partners with its tailored services.

Start of the in-licensing project

During one of the projects that Liberi Group was running, our client (company A) asked to scout for appealing licensing opportunities. During the kick-off meeting at the start of our collaboration, there was discussed what type of assets would be of interest to our client. Examples of these criteria are (but not limited to): Therapeutic area, phase of the asset, Drug modality, Route of administration, etc. Aside from the standard criteria, we did also learn upon the strategic focus of our clients as these can heavily impact the assets that we wish to introduce to our client. For example, if our client seeks to grow into new therapeutic areas, Liberi’s search would also include a check on the potential partner’s research capabilities and expertise. Of course, as a Life Science consultant focusing on the business development, we are always open on discovering potential growth strategies for our clients that would enable them to achieve their business goals.

Together with the list of criteria, the team of Liberi Group analyzed various assets through different global resources. To ensure that our client’s scientific team would not be overburdened, Liberi Group ensures to introduce assets in a timely matter that our client would be able to process. During these introductions, Liberi only uses information that is either publicly available or has been made available to Liberi for this purpose. All available data along with accessible sources have been collected and shared with our client to review.

Connecting company A with company B

At this stage, our client was able to share their level of interest, along with initial comments if they wished to share these. If there was a further interest from our client for discovering a potential collaboration, Liberi Group would establish contact with the related company. Our client would remain anonymous throughout the process until the moment that an (introduction) meeting has been requested from our client. This is to ensure that confidential information regarding our client’s focus does not reach the public.

This was also the case with company B; A biotech company with a lead asset that matches the criteria and strategic focus of our client. After requesting additional information, our client was interested to meet company B and to learn more upon their lead asset. Signing an CDA and granting data room access was facilitated. Due to the continued interest from our client, Company B asked Liberi Group if they could provide a draft term sheet to our client. In agreement with our client, we have guided company B to have the draft term sheet in guideline with our client’s strategic focus. Unfortunately, after a few revisions of the draft term sheet from both companies, there was no agreement upon a final term sheet from our client and therefore the partnering opportunity was discontinued.

Company B wishes to become our client

Eventually after informing company B on the decision of our client, they have requested to have another meeting with Liberi Group. During this meeting, they have mentioned to have enjoyed working with Liberi Group and asked if we were able to help them on partnering their lead asset. As we were pleased to hear upon their level of satisfaction and noticed the market potential of the lead asset, Liberi entered into a collaboration with company B to seek for a strategic partner.

During one of our update meetings (which was also scheduled to be in-person), Liberi took a deep-dive into the strategic focus of our newest client. One of the outcomes was a new business model for our client, which received positive feedback during introduction to our network.