Out-licensing project

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The business case will elaborate on a project that Liberi has conducted for a client with the aim to out-license their assets in development. Although we initially entered into agreement for only one of the assets, our client has requested to include their lead asset as well since they were satisfied with the provided services. The business case demonstrates that, if there is interest from the industry, Liberi is able to achieve results fast and have its clients enter confidential review in matter of weeks.

At the start of the collaboration, our client has requested to start introducing only one of their assets to its partners. After conducting the kick-off meeting where we learned upon the partnering strategy for the mentioned asset, Liberi created a list of potentially interested companies for the asset for our client to review. After discussing the feedback and agreement upon a final list, Liberi started to introduce the asset to the highlighted companies. Responses from the industry followed, showing great interest into the project. Within three weeks of starting the outreach, multiple introduction meetings were scheduled. The large list of potentially interested companies turned into a smaller list of companies who requested to conduct a confidential review of the project, followed by draft term sheets.

During one of the update meetings, our client has expressed its high level of satisfaction with regards to the leads that Liberi was able to achieve. Due to this, they have requested if we could provide our services to their lead asset as well. A new list of potentially interested companies was created and was reviewed by our client. Similar to the other asset, the large list eventually turned into a smaller list of interested companies. This time around, many responses contained a message that is similar to “we would like to await future clinical data”. Although this sounds promising, there is always a need of having a collaboration signed by yesterday. Thanks to Liberi’s active involvement on various conferences and networking platforms, we were able to establish contact with a pharmaceutical company who was new to our network. After gaining permission from our client, the lead asset was introduced to the company, followed by (non-)confidential review. Within two months, a draft term sheet was offered to the pharmaceutical company.